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Support by Joining the Atlantic Archives Guild 


Atlantic Archives is an initiative embodying my creative, intellectual, and community practice. It began in 2011 as an impulse to witness and document the working-class Black diaspora as an artist and community worker. With one backpack and a camera, I set out into the world on an independent expedition eventually reaching over 15 countries and 30 cities. Led by the personal mantra of  “Authentic Cultural Aesthetics.” This journey shaped the empirical framework for my current community-engaged doctoral research and creative work. 


Today, Atlantic Archives presents a new direction for both Black Atlantic and archival studies with a decolonial epistemology focusing on the ways community archives reveal shared transnational identities within the working-class Black diaspora with a current focus on Afro Brazil.  My doctoral research and artistic practice inform one another while both are guided by principals of radical community engagement.  The result is a growing, multidisciplinary archive of field notes, documentation, creative pieces, critical reflections, syllabi, visual studies, correspondence, and collaborations. 


I am opening my research and creative praxis to supporters and contributors. Atlantic Archives Guild (AAG) is a transnational, multidisciplinary community journey of discovery and creativity.  Your support helps me continue my research and direct community work with a collective of activists and artists and scholars in Northeast Brazil.  


AAG membership includes monthly Notas.  These Notas are monthly, private updates and samples from my research and creative developments, including field notes, documentation, critical reflections, reading lists,  visual studies, correspondence, photography and collaborations. Sample of Notas and other membership benefits are below. Sign up for the membership level of your choice. 

The Atlantic Archives Guild is a digital quilombo- a virtual, transnational space for study, planning, and fellowship for African Descendants in the Diaspora. For others who would like to support, please  donate to the Atlantic Archives, purchase artwork from the collection,  or take advantage of the ways to contribute as an ally. 

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Notas are my research notes.